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Goalspring is bringing to market an online service that helps people get out of debt in a healthy and sustainable way. The company describes the service as "weightwatchers for credit card debt". Their service helps customers take positive steps to understand and reduce the costs of their debt, create and follow a custom debt reduction plan, and automate many of the elements of debt reduction that have proven onerous in the past. DebtGoal is GoalSpring's first product. Visit

Opower Opower's revolutionary product is designed to target the half of the global warming equation that not enough people are looking at - efficiency and energy demand. Their approach rests on a sophisticated technology platform to power behavioral science and target direct marketing to dramatically drive down consumption. Their Science Board is led by the nation's leading behavioral scientist, whose field-tested studies have consistently reduced energy consumption by 5-10%. Look for more news from Opower in the months to come. Visit

Renewable Funding, LLC develops and delivers innovative solutions for renewable energy and energy efficiency financing. We are the pioneer of the turnkey administration and financing of the CityFIRST (City Financing Initiative for Renewable and Solar Technology) Program. We make the CityFIRST program simple and inexpensive. Starting the program in your community is easy because we provide everything you need - comprehensive on-line application processing coupled with a financial package that provides reasonable interest rates and no risk. We help governments of all sizes understand the CityFIRST program and make informed choices as they set up their programs. We help develop program structure, select appropriate partners, and assist with the legal adoption process. Every city, county, and state has a different approach to public finance, distinct energy program experience, and a variety of community expectations. We use our extensive expertise to work collaboratively on developing a custom program which meets everyone's goals. For more information about Renewable Funding, please visit

SABEResPODER™ is the leading provider of comprehensive and practical educational solutions for Spanish-dominant Latinos in the United States. Through its needs-based educational campaigns, SABEResPODER creates and distributes in-language and in-culture educational content that assist Spanish-speaking consumers become more informed, confident, and active participants in American society. To date, SABEResPODER has distributed over seven million educational booklets throughout the United States and produced educational video programming for the SABEResPODER VideoNetwork – a series of networked flat screen TVs placed in key community locations that serve Spanish dominant communities. SABEResPODER is a dedicated For Benefit company that has officially been certified as the highest ranked B Corporation™ in the nation. B Corporations™ are a new type of corporation that are purpose-driven and create benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. For more information about SABEResPODER, please visit

TerraPass develops and markets economically viable products that combat global warming by mitigating human-made environmental emissions. Their first product, TerraPass, effectively eliminates the carbon emissions from your car, offsetting the environmental impact of driving and helping to combat global warming. By issuing a TerraPass to its members, TerraPass utilizes its members' contributions to promote global energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction through targeted projects. It is through these clean energy projects that TerraPass counterbalances pollution from its members' vehicles and changes the way people think about climate change. For more information about TerraPass, please visit

VILLA is a Philadelphia, PA based specialty retailer of urban-inspired apparel and footwear products. VILLA has 24 stores located in urban neighborhoods of Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Bethlehem, Reading, York, Camden, and Allentown. In this highly competitive market, VILLA is considered the premier urban fashion retailer in its current markets, because it provides the best of fashion in a high energy environment. VILLA is also guided by its obligation to give back to the community and become a valuable resource to make a difference in the world. For more information about Sneaker Villa, please visit