Trisha P.

I just wanted to share how my small business was turned into something else after reaching out to New Cycle Capital months ago. It was really a struggle for me to put up my own business especially when I just manage it alone. However, a friend of mine suggested I should contact this company and ask for help. I was hesitant about it and I wasn’t really sure if I should do it but since I saw her own business grew and I learned that New Cycle Capital was able to give more opportunities to other people, I decided to give it a try. I was thankful after that because I was really given more opportunities and ways to grow my own business. It’s all thanks to New Cycle Capital and of course, my friend who recommended this to me.

Kath V.

I actually experienced the same thing as you. It was not easy to manage a business single-handedly so I sought help and I’m glad that the New Cycle Capital was there to give me a hand. Through them, I was also able to meet someone who teamed up with me and we merged our business together. It was such a great thing and I was blessed enough to meet such good people in my life. I hope New Cycle Capital continues to give other people more opportunities and let other people prove their capabilities in the business industry.

Andrea G.

Hello! I am from New Cycle Capital and I just want to say that we thank the both of you for trusting us and teaming up with us to grow your businesses. We are more than honored to help you grab a lot of opportunities for your companies. Don’t worry, we will make sure to continue reaching out to entrepreneurs even in the future!