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New Cycle Capital was created and built years ago with the mission of helping out many companies and pushing them to grow. We know how many companies out there have the potential to grow and become great in this industry especially those green economies and domestic markets that are still lacking something. Our team only wanted to reach out and give help to them so they can have more opportunities to show their capabilities in this society. But of course, we intend to find those companies which can affect the world positively. We ought to help these companies grow yet make sure that they will only help the society in a good way.

For years, we were able to keep our mission successful but as time passed by, we thought about new ideas too. We wondered if we can reach out to smaller companies such as those managed single-handedly, and with those thoughts, we figured out that there is nothing wrong about it and that we should push this idea as well. That was when the New Cycle Capital finally took the opportunity and found more people to help. It wasn’t hard, in fact, there are a lot of people who plan to create their own business so we never had a hard time reaching out to more people.

There are some who are still in colleges and universities while others are employers or employees who seek for opportunities to build their own businesses as well. With these people and their cooperation with us, we were able to open a new door for them towards their future in the business industry whether they wanted to keep their company small or big. Now, New Cycle Capital still continues to spread the good deed and give assistance to people who need our help. We are thankful as well that people trust us and cooperate with us.